Ict in the Gossip World

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  • Published : January 24, 2013
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ICT in the Gossip World
Upon the sudden outbreak of the multi-numbered social-networking sites in the Internet, massive, operative and convenient communication had been hit by the spotlight. There had been countless advantages that has been brought to the world and to the people in terms of the convenience in adapting to the world of the new generation with the use of this resilient mode of communication. Thus, as a vital of the present society, the Internet has changed and moved another step in forming a clear picture of its accuracy for the social entertainment and communication of the people in the world and its parts through these different socio-oriented websites created in the World Wide Web. However, upon the fast and unstoppable boom of the latter, there were also countless destuctive devices, errors, and problems that it had caused, not only to the people as a whole in the society, but also to some private individuals and users of it. As a matter of fact, last September of year 2011, there had been some cited reports in the educational institution of La Consolacion College Iriga, concerning a student using private and closed Facebook account that posts numerous, inhuman, and personal issues and gossips about his/her co-senior students named “Chismosa Chikadora”. Though the students concerned in the posted issues tried to device ways to know the person behind it, they weren’t able to figure it out because of the tight security embraced in it. So as an immediate action of the school administration as soon as they knew about the issue, they hired some computer professionals to know and to expel the one responsible of all these demoralizing actions. But as soon as before the workers get done, the account has already been deleted and unfound. Meaning, there’s no way for the whole institution to know everything behind it. Up to now, the truth hasn’t been and forever will be unsettled. Though it is a little disturbing on the part of the students and...
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