Ict Implementation and Costing Proposal

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BA in Business, Enterprise & Community Development

Applied ICT Module

ICT Implementation and Costing Proposal for DEF Ltd.

Submission date:6th April, 2012
Submitted to:Ms. Mary Reardon
Submitted by:Antoinette Fitzgerald

I am grateful for the opportunity provided by Equal Ireland in the provision of this B.A. and in particular to Ms. Mary Reardon for her interesting delivery of lectures and time taken to explain and assist with the creation of this report. Thanks to my “study buddy”, Dympna Brennan, for sharing the workload and encouraging me to stick with it. Finally, I would like to thank my family. To my husband Eamonn and my children Joy, Oisin, Órlaith and Aoibhe thank you for your patience and understanding.

List of Abbreviations
CRMCustomer Relationship Management
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
ICTInformation and Communications Technology
IDPSIntruder Detection and Prevention System
IPSecInternet Protocol Security
ISPInternet Service Provider
PCPersonal Computer
PDFPortable Document Format
QRQuick Response
RAMRandom Access Memory
SLAService Level Agreement
SSLSecure Socket Layer
SWOTStrengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
UTMUnified Threat Management
VoIPVoice over Internet Protocol
VPNVirtual Private Network
WLANWireless Local Area Network

List of Tables
Table 1Overview of Current System and Proposed Upgrades1
Table 2SWOT Analysis of DEF Ltd. (Galway Office)2
Table 3Specified Desktops3
Table 4Specified Laptops3
Table 5Specified Smartphones3
Table 6Additional Hardware4
Table 7Systems installed on public PCs5
Table 8Systems installed on office workstations5
Table 9Communication Protocols7
Table 10Comparison of Telephony and Broadband Providers 7
Table 11Proposed Mobile Service Provider8
Table 12Proposed Security Products11

Table of Contents

Hardware and Software requirements3
Information Systems5
Network and Communications Infrastructure7
Communications Technologies/ e-Business9
Systems Development10
Computer and Data Security11
Software Security11
References and Bibliography


The purpose of this report is to evaluate requirements for the refitting of the Galway offices of DEF Ltd., a nationwide community based enterprise. This company provides information and support to the local community, runs training programmes, provides advice to individuals starting up new business and liaises with local and regional bodies. Currently the office has five employees whose roles are as follows: Manager, Receptionist, Liaison Officer, Advisor and Administration. The Liaison Officer and Advisor both spend time off-site meeting other agencies and local and regional bodies. In order to deliver a more efficient service to the community and make better use of staff time the technical, financial and operating processes of the company need to be examined. Having recently received funding, this provides an opportunity to address the impact of ICT on the day-to-day issues of the business. Initially the current systems were examined and the following table was drawn up to assess proposed changes: | Current System| Proposed System|

Manager| 8 year old PC| Laptop|
Receptionist| 8 year old PC| New desktop|
Advisor| 8 year old PC| iPhone|
Liaison Officer| None| iPhone|
Administrator| None| New desktop|
Reception Area| No public computer access| 2 public access computers for web browsing1 public access computer with printing facilities| Training Room| Limited facilities| Install new desktops and other facilities | Telephone System| One telephone line| Upgrade – multiple lines, fax facilities and broadband| Website| Static, 2 page| Update – look at other communication technologies|...
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