Ict for National Development

Topics: Economics, Gross domestic product, Economic growth Pages: 9 (2814 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Information and Communication Technology as Viable Tool for Achieving National Development: A Case Study of Nigerian ICT Sector
Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim,
Jigawa State Institute of Information Technology (JSIIT), Kazaure. Email: Ibrahimq7@gmail.com, Phone: 08137167587
The world today had metamorphosed and shrinked to a global village not because of the geographical distances and barriers have been overcome, but because of the major advancements in information and communication technology (ICT). The success of organizations, individuals, nations, businesses, working and many other daily undertakings, to a large extent today, depended on ICT. Nigeria recent trends in ICT have brought about many businesses and employment opportunities, new ways of doing things such as information storage, internet, GSM Kiosks, networking, entertainment, games, mobile banking and e-governance. Developing nation like Nigeria has the potential of becoming one of the top economies in the world, if it runs at extraordinary speed in the creation, adoption, and enforcement of relevant ICT policy, provision of infrastructures, gadgets and services to the community through ICT. This paper endeavor to highlight and review ICT status in Nigeria using SWOT/PESTLE Analysis, the significant and role ICT can play as a major revenue sector in terms of GDP contribution to the nation economy, running government machinery, social services and income generation in the quest for the sector to propel Nigeria into top economies of the world.

Key-words: GSM Kiosks, GDP, SWOT/PESTLE Analysis, ICT gadgets, internet, income generation, economy.
In Nigeria today, information and communication technology (ICT) has become an important factor in economic growth and development. The greatest indicator is the formulation and evolution of mobile telecom industries and IT policies, as well as the empowerment of independent regulator for the sector. Similarly, the increasing use of technology in all aspects of our lives makes the effective use of ICT an essential ingredient for life. Indeed, ICT capability is fundamental to participation and engagement in modern society. Definition of ICT:

ICT is an acronym that stands for information and communication technology. Therefore, information and communication technology is a composite term which embodies three (3) important concepts. Although, there is no universally standard/accepted definition of ICT, this is because the concepts, methods, and applications involved in ICT are constantly evolving. Thus, it would be uneasy to keep with changes that happen speedily and virtually every day. In one developmental study Womboh (2008), recognize that: In order to meticulously understand the term ICT, one must understand all the three (3) embodied terms: information, communication and technology, Then he defines information: as “processed data” scientifically, or loosely to refer to that (anything) which aids in decision making. But for Babu, Singh and Sachdeva (1997), information” refers to a data that has been put into a meaningful and useful context and communicated to a potential user who uses it to make decisions”. Womboh (2008) further defines communication: “as the transfer or exchange of information from person to person or from one point to another”. Whereas; Technology: “is the use of scientific knowledge to create tools to enable human beings to overcome environmental obstruction and inconveniences to comfort.” For example the computer, telephone, television, GSM handsets, radio are given as example of product of communication technologies. Now, combining the three (3) concepts ICT can be defined as: “The various technologies that enhances the creation, storage, processing, communication and dissemination of information Womboh (2008).” The elements of ICTs includes communication media (e.g. radio, television), information machine (e.g....
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