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During my coursework I will be inventing an Ict system for Mr Robert black as he has approached me to help his new catering company ‘mobile lunches 4u’. There are a few business parks around the local area where Mr Black has decided that there are opportunities for a mobile catering business, selling snacks and drinks at lunchtimes to people who work at offices in the business parks. Mr Black has been running this business for about 6 months but has had trouble keeping records of his income and expenditure. This problem has occurred because since Mr Black has started is business he wrote everything by hand, he has faced problems like he was unable to read his writing due to messy writing and this caused most data to be read wrong which meant that all the calculation were wrong. This problem is a most common problem faced by company that do everything by hand and do not use an Ict system. For this reason I decided to help Mr Black by creating an Ict system for his company mobile lunches 4u. Moreover, this Ict system will be beneficial for Mr Black because he won’t have to worry about anything being misread or any wrong calculation, this mean he will be more organised and accurate. However, this is also constructive for his company because this will allow his company to become more professional and modern. This can be an advantage because most people like to eat and go to professional places which mean more costumers that can lead to more profit. How Mr Robert Black was before and how he is going to be with an Ict system? Before:

In the morning when Mr Black woke up he took his stock book out and reads and calculates items in his stock are low and with this information he makes a list of item which he will be ordering from the suppliers. He orders the item either over the phone or by going to the warehouse. He pays the supplies the money and writes the cost in a book. He loads the item in his mobile lunches 4u van then heads off to the business park. When his costumers arrive at lunchtime they order there food as he serves them he make two receipt by hand and give one receipt to the costumer’s and keep one for his calculation which will be done at the end of the day. Nevertheless, when the costumer’s order Mr Black will have to cross out every (-1) for each item sold. At the end of the day when mobile lunches 4u close Mr Black will still be working. He will have to transfer all his data and calculation done during the day which is going to be read from the receipt which he made earlier into the book with all the calculation. Finally, Mr Black will work out any profit or loss made during his day. With Ict system:

In the morning when Mr Black wakes up he is going to put the computer/laptop on and look at his summary of his items, by clicking in a link he can see if his items in his stock are low or not. If the stock is low then by just a few clicks an email will be sent to the supplies containing a list if item that they will deliver to his house of company. By doing this this will save his more time which he can spend with his family. When the delivery arrives then he stocks his mobile lunches 4u van and head of to the business park. When the costumer arrive they order there food items then Mr Black scan’s the item, this will automatically deduct the item from the stock. Then the till will tell Mr Black if any change need to be given to any of the costumers and a receipt will automatically come out which Mr Black will give the costumers. At the end of the day Mr Black will just click a link on his computer/laptop which automatically shows Mr Black if his has made profit or loss. Diagram of people working in ‘mobile lunches 4u’:

In are many people working for the company mobile lunches 4u and they all have different roles and responsibilities. Mr Robert Black is the owner of the company and is the person who approached me. Under...
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