Ict: Capabilities of a Software

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II. Capabilities of Software
A. Object Linking and Embedding OLE
Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) is a technology developed by Microsoft that allows embedding and linking to documents and other objects. OLE allows an editing application to export part of a document to another editing application and then import it with additional content. For example, a spreadsheet created in Excel can be imported into Word. if the spreadsheet then needs to be amended, it can be edited in Excel and the changes will appear in Word. A Linked object is where the original remains stored in the source file. An embedded object is part of the destination file and this object is not automatically updated when the source file changes. However, this embedded file can still be edited in its source application. B. Portability of Data

People, who have different types of computers with different operating systems and applications, often need to transfer files and programs among their computers. However, portability may not be possible because:

·A document created using one word processing package may not be readable by another WP package, even on the same computer. Therefore. must Wps allow the user to save the file as text only. ·A document created in Word may appear different on another computer that also has Word, because the printer and printer settings may be diffrent. ·If two computers do not share the same fonts, text may appear differently because fonts will be substituted. C. Upgradability

Software upgrades can provide new and useful features but they can also cause problems, such as: ·documents may not be compatible between versions e.g. a Word 6 file can be read in Word 97 but a word 97 file cannot be read in Word 6. ·data formatting may be lost if a Word 97 document is saved yo Word 6 format because Word 97 contains new features that the Word 6 does not have. ·upgraded software frequently requires more memory, more disk space and a faster processor, so hardware need to be upgraded. D. Selecting Software

In selecting a software we must consider this questions:
·Is it compatible with existing hardware and software?
·Is the software well-documented (manuals, online help etc) ? ·What is the avilability of technical support?
·Ease of use and ease of learning (not necessarily the same thing) ·Speed
before selecting a package, it might be useful to read magazine reviews where packages are compared along side each other. E. Reliability
With batch systems, where data is entered together in a batch and then processed, testing, is relatively easy but it is very difficult with GUI interfaces because there is no single, well-defined flow of events at the user interface. III. Licensing Software

A.Ownership and Distribution
Software maker or the publisher develops a program, secures a copy right, and then retains ownership of the right to the program. The publisher then, dictates who can use, copy, or distribute the program. B.Classes of Ownership and Allowable Use

Proprietary Software. From the word proprietor, it means an owner of a business, an invention, one who has a legal right to anything. This means that someone own the rights to the program and the owner expects users to buy their own copies. a.Software License

In buying the software, you acquire a license that makes you authorized user of the sotftware. This license specifies such limitations as the number of the PCs on which the software may be installed, meaning the license is granted upon installing the software in a single PC depending on what the license term is. You cannot legally make copies of it for your friends nor install it on their computers. The End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) is piece of paper where the purchaser fills up necessary agreement in order to get license. If you access in the net, there's no need to get EULA because you van fill it up on web. b.Site Licences or Network Licences

Organizations such as business and...
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