Ict and Social Work

Topics: Computer program, Computer software, Computer Pages: 3 (1209 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Basic ICT Concept and the Applicability to Social Work Practice

Computer is becoming increasingly relevantly to our everyday life, computer is responsible to store large amount of information, retrieve selected information easily and perform complex calculation quickly. (Holden and Munnelly 1998, p.50) In our modern economy many of the goods we consume and services we use would not have been available if not because of computer. This essay aims to discuss my understanding of some basic concepts of some (IT) and its application social work practice. Information Technology covers all forms of technology that are used to create, store transfer and process information in its various forms such as test, numbers, images sounds and video. As a social worker, computer is very important and useful information we can use computer to pass information to our service users quickly, A computer is also a multipurpose programmable device that can process and store information. It also makes our work more effective. A computer consists of two different types of elements; hardware and software in order for computer to work, hardware is the physical part of a computer system that you can touch, feel, weigh and feel. Hardware device such as the screen, keyboard, mouse, they are connected to the main system unit which are often referred to as peripherals. The items of hardware used to input data are called input device, they are units that allow data to be transmitted in to computer processor. The information that a computer produces is called output. It is a peripheral unit that translate signals from the computer into a form suitable for re-processing by the computer at a later stage e.g. printers, speakers, and plotter. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the brains of a computer. It is the CPU that most calculations take place, and the CPU speed largely determines the speed of the computer. The computer has main memories which is Random Access Memories (RAM) is a temporary...
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