Icp-Aes Use

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Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-AES) Use

On the Computer, log in to ICP-AES.

Check the pressure on the argon tank; it should be on and set to 100-120 psi (pounds per square inch) – if it is not, then turn the pressure knob in order to adjust.

Snap the two pump tubes on the automatic pump into place by first pooling on the hooks. Then lock the tubes with the hanging levers by latching the outside and inside levers without adjusting the thumbscrews since they should be usually already correctly adjusted. When using the autosampler do not forget to connect the water tube to the autosampler tube, and also make sure that the water tube is injected into the liquid disposal water to avoid flooding.

Computer Software Setup

Turn the plasma on by either pressing Shift + F4 or selecting the “plasma on” button in the tool bar. Wait for the plasma to be completely turned on, i.e. when the status bar at the bottom of the computer screen will display “Torch Lit.” After the plasma is turned on, click on the “Work sheet” button, click “New” and save the Worksheet in your Lab’s folder under your name.

On the ICPExpert window select “Method” and then “edit method”. This will open the “Method Editor” window, which has four tabs: “Element,” “Conditions,” “Standards,” and “Notes.” Click on the element in the periodic table that you will be measuring. In our case, we chose Arsenic (As). A new window pops out “Add Analysis Line – (As) arsenic” with three sections to it. The “prominent emissions lines” Section lists the emissions for the selected element or the intensities for particular wavelengths given in order, and the “potential interferences” section gives all the nearby elements that might interfere with the reading, whereas the third section that appears on top of the other two is a graphical representation of the prominent emission lines and the possible interferences with the log of intensity on the y-axis and the wavelength...
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