Iconography the Scream

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Govt. College University, Lahore
History department

Iconographic Analysis of a Painting
(The Scream)

Submitted to: Dr. Hussain
Submitted by: Mohsin Ashfaq

Formal Analysis
Article: Painting
Materials: Oil, Tempra, Pastal on Cardboard
Colors: Black, Red, Orange, Dark Blue, Yellow
Edvard Munch, in 1893, presented his painting that became very popular world-wide. It was named “The Scream” by the artist. It has almost 4 different versions, but all are very same. Scream had gained reputation as an iconic art-work, and it remained source of inspiration for a long time. Edvard Munch was a Norwegian painter and most of his work is based on psychological themes. Other than Scream he performed my other paintings such as, Death in Sickroom, The sick child, At the Roulette Table in Monte. These are all considered excellent paintings but they did not gain as much popularity as Scream.

Colours used in the painting are very aggressive. They depict violence in the painting. The man standing in the picture is screaming loud at everything. Colours used in this painting, especially the orange colour of sky, describe a gloomy surrounding. Plus the calmness and normality of two persons behind show the silence of scream; that it is unheard. Some analysts believe that it is “Screaming of nature”. Since paintings of Munch mostly reflect psychological themes, this painting could be explaining “Agoraphobia” (phobia from wide open spaces). The painting has a wide open landscape in the background. It is possible that the person is screaming in panic attack. All these themes combined into one painting, make it very disturbing in its look. The feel of anxiety and frustration in the picture is very visible. It shows the loneliness of the artist. The location of the bridge is in Oslo, Norway. Munch’s own words about the paintings are these:

“I was out...
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