Iconic Brands

Topics: Brand, Culture, Branding Pages: 245 (46721 words) Published: January 20, 2013


Chun Tsen Ou
Le Phuoc Luong


Vladimir Vanyushyn

Umeå School of Business and Economics
Spring semester 2012
Master thesis, two-years, 15 hp

While doing this research, we receive help and contribution from many people. This research will not be accomplished without the help and encouragement of those people. Hence, we would like to state our gratitude and appreciation to all the people who help , support, and encourage us.

First, we would like to show our great gratitude to our supervisor, Assistant Professor Vladimir Vanyushyn for the valuable suggestions and wise advices he gave us during the process. Since we are students of Business Development Department, our supervisor’s critical marketing view and comments enhance the quality of this research. Besides, the topic of this research is new in the marketing field; there are setbacks and frustration for us in the process. Yet, because of the encouragement and motivation our supervisor gave us, we fought through the process and finish the research.

In addition, we would like to thank the interviewees from Sweden, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Because of their participation, we are able to discuss and explore more on the explanation of the topic as well as the culture differences. Their ideas given through interviews are the base of our qualitative analysis.

Moreover, quantitative analysis is a crucial part in this research. We got 486 accepted questionnaires in a rather short time; we appreciate our friends’ help by sending out the questionnaires as well as answering it. Without the help of our friends and their friends, this research will never be done.

Last but not least, we are thankful for all the help from the directors, lecturers, and coordinators of Umeå School of Business and Economics (USBE) for the support and knowledge during our study here. The help we get is not only valuable in the research but also in our future development throughout the life.

To conclude, this research will not be possible without all the help from Umeå University, our supervisor, our friends, the interviewees, as well as all the respondents of the questionnaire. With their support, encouragements, advices and suggestions, this research is able to be completed.

Chun Tsen Ou
Le Phuoc Luong

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Iconic brand is a new topic in the field of branding that has started to attract researchers’ attentions; yet, it is still mostly discussed in the non-academic field. Brand community is also an evolving topic in marketing. These two new concepts are the focuses of this research.

The main subject of this research is to explore the componential factors of iconic brand and brand community and the influences of the former ones on the latter ones. Even though there are few books and articles related to iconic brand, so far no quantitative research has been conducted. Thus, in this study, quantitative method is used to explore the componential factors of iconic brand. The same method is applied to brand community as well to explore the impacts of iconic brand on brand community. This research also accounts for a fact that cultural differences of the three countries (Sweden, Taiwan, and Vietnam) may affect respondents’ perceptions on the factors of iconic brand and brand community, as well as the impact levels between them.

This study starts with examining the relevant literatures of branding, iconic brand, brand community, and cultural aspects of branding. Then, the hypotheses and research model are proposed based on theories. Questionnaires are distributed to Swedish, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese respondents in accordance with convenience sampling and snowball sampling. A total collection of 486 accepted questionnaires (which includes 171 questionnaires from Sweden, 163 ones from Taiwan, and 152...
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