Iconic 50s

Topics: Popular culture, Television, Family Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Iconic 50s

The 50s were a time of rebellion, prosperity, and movement. America seemed to be transforming into a society that shaped the one we have today. With the development of the "American Dream", a booming popular culture, and inching closer to equality for blacks and women make this period unforgettable.

When you think of the American dream, you often think about a mother and/or wife staying home all day caring for the house, cooking, and caring for the children, while the man is hard at work in order to earn a dollar, and is rewarded by coming home to a cooked meal and a loving family. This stereotype was developed in the 1950s; however, there were women who held jobs. "30 percent of married women held jobs" and "working wives outnumbered bachelor girls two to one" (302). Because of the booming economy and a "large number of job opportunities", women have decided to come out of their homes and work alongside their husbands (303). Once women began working, the American dream slowly began to transform into the one we have today. Today, both mother and father usually work and provide for the family; however, the mother still tends to do house work in most cases. The 1950s shaped the American dream into what it is today.

Life in the 1950s was unforgettable. Televisions were found in every house hold, music had a huge cultural influence, and households were becoming more "modern". Popular culture was one of the biggest things that made this period memorable. Ready- cooked meals/ tv dinners suddenly became popular across the country, along with the television being a family pass time. Women, for example, had more time to work because of "ready-cooked meals" (303). During this time, magazines, television shows, music, and other popular cultures were a HUGE part of society, Which is what makes it unforgettable.

The Jim Crow laws and segregation were a big part of the 1950s. During this time, steps were starting to be taken in order to get closer to...
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