Icom 101 Intertcultural Relations

Topics: Culture, Interracial marriage, World War II Pages: 3 (1056 words) Published: May 26, 2013
“History is not important in intercultural relations”. Discuss. The following essay will be exploring several well-argued reasons as to why I disagree with the statement “History is not important in intercultural relations”. It will be focusing on numerous events in the past that have contributed to where we stand today in terms of intercultural relations, and why history cannot simply be dismissed as unimportant. To begin with, human history is full of contact between people from different cultures, this is due to war, trade, nomads, bride-seeking, slavery, pilgrimages, exploration, missionaries, colonial expansion, etc. Every being has their own perspective of history, and this in turn shapes our intercultural relations – how we do, what we do, who we do it with. How we see the past is directly proportioned and influences how we view ourselves and the world we live in, this is apparent in many recent events.Often people feel uncomfortable in dealing with history and the past because they don’t know how they are supposed to feel towards certain other people, or cultures in this instance, and how to deal with many of the dreadful things that have happened. This is particularly true for the Y generation, whom most have experienced firsthand the scars of war, terrorism and what not. The younger generation tend to think “Why can’t we move on and not dwell in the past?” Of course, the older know this is not possible. While it’s true that with old age, one gathers a collection of experiences, observations, and perspectives that someone other than myself would classify as wisdom, something that tends to get overlooked, yet not completely ignored, is that it comes from a different time, a past life, another earth- change is rapid, as J.W Berry (2008) points out, especially with the storm of globalization. Which for me, while completely reliable in analyzing the modern world, is respectfully, unreasonable in preaching ideals to the newer generations. Not to say their...
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