Icici Prudential Marketing Strategy Report

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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“ICICI Prudential’s brand status and awareness in the insurance market and its growth since the privatization in the insurance sector ensued by the IRDA.”

(For the parted fulfillment of BA.HONS.ECONOMICS degree)

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Prof (Dr.) Gargi Bandyopadhyay Vaibhav Gupta

Enrollment no: A6018210039

Semester: 5






I owe my acknowledgements to the following people who helped me in my report:-

• Mr Rajiv Banerjee

• Mr Pratap Malick

These are my managers who guided me through out my internship duration, teaching me all I needed to gain from a financial enterprise. They gave me various inputs regarding sales and other insurance plans, and also provided me with insights of how an insurance plan is designed for a customer. They read and reread my report to eradicate any discrepancies that I came up with. Sincere thanks to them. I thank them greatly to provide me an opportunity of working as an intern for such an esteemed and established company.

• Mrs. Gargi Bandhyopadhyay

My HOD in college ensured I sent her emails of my project during the summer vacations and answered any doubts and queries that I had. She responded even to the smallest of doubts, such as I asked her weather I need to make a literature survey or not, and she gave me answers and reasons for this. She was always available and acted as a role model and mentor to channel my report. I sent her emails and she told me to add or cut details as per the report requirement. Furthermore, she also suggested me to include LIC in my report even though my report is about brand awareness and status of the company in the market. I have learned a lot from this programme thanks to her.

• Mr. Kapil Gupta

I would also like to acknowledge my father, who made my task simple and easy by helping to complete my survey. He offered me his contacts and business details of customers and ensured that I stay on track. My sincere thanks to him as well.


|Chapters |Topics |Page Numbers | |1. |Introduction |4 – 5 | |2. |Literature survey Analysis |6 – 26 | | |2.1. About ICICI Prudential |6 - 8 | | |2.2. History of Insurance in India & nationalization to form Life Insurance |9 – 10 | | |Corporation | | | |2.3 The privatization of Insurance in India |11 – 12 | | |2.4 IRDA (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority) |13 – 14 | | |2.5 Meaning and principles of Insurance |15 – 16 | | |2.6 Products that ICICI Prudential offers |17- 24...
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