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ICI paints is working for two hundred and thirty years as a leading paint manufacturer company worldwide. It has 120,000 employees in 166 countries that are dispersed in five basic regions namely BRICKA, EMIYA, and areas that come under Pakistan and United States. Its head quarter is located in Amsterdam. It manufactures 16 million different types of colors. It had started its operations in Pakistan in 1952. ICI has a predecessor company known as Khwera Soda Ash Company that had started its operations in 1944 in Pakistan.ICI Paints has annual sales of $7.2 billion annually and it incurs $4.2 billion of cost annually. It has 80 local brands.ICI is one of the largest companies that has quotations on Karachi Stock exchange as well as Lahore & Islamabad Stock exchange. It has a paid up share capital of $1.39 billion. It’s one of the largest producers of paints in Pakistan. ICI Paints is an award winning company, it got Pakistan SHE Leadership award in 1999 for its efficient work in Safety, Health and Environment. It has five businesses namely Paints, Soda Ash, Polyester, Chemicals and Life Sciences. Paint Categories of ICI

It produces paints in following categories:
* Paints for houses (Decorative Paints)
* Paints for cars (Refinish Paints)
* Paints for O&M (Original Equipment Paints)
* Paints for Packaging & Quoting (Mobile Paints etc)
ICI manufactures two types of Paints on the basis of functionality; * Interiors that include soft pigments
* Exteriors that are robust
In Paints for houses or Decorative Paints there are two types * Water Base Paints (Emulsions)
* Oil Base Paints( Enamels)
Production process
ICI paints for its production use over the time acquired master processes which are flexible and clearly known for each product. According to Mr. Bashar Rasheed who is supply chain manager at ICI Lahore “ICI does not focus on a singles process for production; we use different techniques at different stages of production which gives more flexibility to our production processes”. ICI is producing large variety of paints for different purposes and at the same time they need to produce a high volume to meet the demands. We can describe the production process of ICI in 4 stages. Each stage uses different process technique.

Dispersion section:
Raw materials from the material control department are issued to production department according to the requirements. 1st of all raw material enters the dispersion sections where the material is grinded to bring smoothness and softness grinding mill based machines are used to crush and grind material. Beside this raw materials are mixed in this section in a specific ratio with the help of wall mixer machines. Mixing and thinning section:

In this section mixture is mixed with solvents to reduce the thickness of the mixture. Resin is added in the mixture to increase volume and quality of the mixtures. Beside this chemicals are also added in this stage to kill germs and to create fragrance. Color match and quality control section:

In this stage the color of the paint is finalized by adding chemicals which are called Tinters. After the colors are finalized according to the required demand, it is checked in the quality control laboratory. Here the viscosity (thickness), color and weight per liter are tested. Filling section:

After the quality check finished paint mixture is sent for filling, in ICI an automated process is used to fill the tins according to their capacity. For that purpose FIX MIXERS are used to fill a container or tin with specific volume and color. After that these tins are labeled with manufacturing date, expiry date and features of the paint are labeled on them with ink...
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