Ici Dulux Case Study

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ICI Dulux is a part of Akzo Nobel, the largest paints and coatings company in the world.It was set up as a public limited company in Pakistan in 1952. The ICI Group is a renowned international business. It employs approximately 31,000 people worldwide. The ICI Dulux multinational company vision is to compete in the industry by emphasizing on customer needs and to build and promote a culture of continuous improvement. it aims to create superior value for ICI customers and shareholders, without compromising its commitment to safety, health, environment and the communities in which it operates. ICI believes that ICI Dulux Paints pakistan strengths include its well-established brands and the global nature of the business which allow ICI Paints to use its resources, expertise and experience to offer the best solution for each local market and the needs of the end users. Great presence in places that the brand is better recognized. ici dulux comes in category of decorative paint market.The decorative paint market can be divided into two broad categories interior and exterior. The interior market as the name suggests refers to the paints being used for indoor decorations. Similarly the exterior market corresponds to the paints being used to decorate the outdoors. The exterior market of paints in Pakistan is of 7 Million Liters. ICI dominates the market share with 4.2 Million Liters with its Weathershield.Million ICI Dulux has maintained an image of being the most expensive in the category along with providing the best quality among its competitors. ICI has been a 60% market share with its major competitor being Berger. Berger has a 20% market share followed by a 20% share by smaller brands which include Berger, Blackhorse, Silversand, Master, Nippon, Gobi, Hapilac etc. With the help of a lot of promotional activities for its dealers as well as consumers, it has earned a great amount of goodwill over the years. While its competitors concentrate more on variety and mass production and a lot of other different strategies, the company is essentially a quality centric company. ICI DULUX Company is having More than 80 years of experience in the paints industry, offering Wider range of products and Wider dealer network as compared to its competitors. Business volume of ICI Dulux is very high as compared to the competitors and it Focuses on safety, security, health and environment as a corporate social responsibility.

* To target at Decorator firms: Decorator firms decorate interior and exterior structure of large number of offices, buildings, schools, etc. In modern days every entity wants itself to be well decorated and look up to date. A decorator firm comprises of an interior designers who play a pivotal role in selection of a product to be used. These products include paints with good quality, extensive range and varied effects. Moreover, there is an extensive range of 52 two-tone colour ways available on the Dulux tinting system. This could influence the customers of the identified markets by providing them with varied alternatives, especially when it comes to interior decoration and designing in which colour paints hold a prime and significant place. Since Dulux has an extensive range of varied products, so to target them would lead to good sales.

* To target at Trade Market: Traders have a firm position in the market; the trade market is a chain that is constituted of super stockists, dealers, wholesalers, and retailers. A super stockist is a small organisation where company keeps their stock to pass it on to the next steps of the market viz dealers wholesalers retailers to end users. A Marketing Manager should aim and target the products to this organisation as the super stockist holds a strong position in the market. Super stockist has a wide range of customer base as he delivers the products other mentioned trade unit s.The market can be achieved by incurring time...
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