Ice Scrable Sundae

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Business and Product Description

The purpose of the business is to create and maintain profitable, satisfied customers. The “Ice Scramble Sundae” offers ice scramble with two flavors which are chocolate and strawberry and serve with toppings such as mini mallows, mini stick-o, assorted candy sprinkles, mini nips, corn flakes and mini cookies. It also offer sundae in a cone.

Operational Definition / Schedule of Operating Days

The “ Ice Scramble Sundae “ stall will be located at the I Mall – Canlubang. It will be operating from Mondays to Sundays at 10am to 9pm depending on the mall’s operating hours.

Figure 1: Service Flow Chart

Process of Service

1. Gathering and greeting the customers. Introducing the product and assisting their questions and queries about the product.

2. Taking the customer’s order and preparing the customer’s bill stab.

3. Preparing the customer’s order.

Figure 2: Production Process Chart

Production Process

1. Purchasing

The business will purchase materials at Robinsons Supermarket and West Orient – Depot.

2. Receiving

This process involves the quality and quantity to be used. The business will used periodic inventory for proper accountability of goods.

3. Storage

This process involves the proper use of freezer/cooler for stocking of ingredients. The ingredients must be kept at proper temperature to maintain the quality of the product.

4. Preparation

This involves the way of preparing the product. Since most of the preparation process will be done in front of the consumer, proper hygiene and sanitation is a must.

5. Service

The serving process starts by greeting the customers and introducing them the product to be offered. The menu and product description is posted in front of them. After selecting their orders, they will be given stabs which have the customer and receipt number. The preparation and service will be done not more than five minutes per order.

Production Schedule

The preparation of production schedule will consider the number of customers that the business will accommodate daily. The raw materials and ingredients are non perishable, it will be purchased weekly to minimize the cost of production.

Schedule of Operation

Table 1: Schedule of Operation

|SCHEDULE OF OPERATION | |Number of Days in a Year |365 days | |Less: Legal Holidays and Non-working holidays | |Holy Thursday | | | |3 days | |Good Friday | | |Black Saturday | | |TOTAL DAYS OF OPERATION |362 days |

The business will be operating from daily except on legal and non working holidays such as Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday.

Plant Location

The proposed business will be located at the I Mall, Canlubang which is near schools and offices. It will rent at an amount of Php 20, 000. 00 per month with a land area of 20 square meters.


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