Ice Fili Business Analysis

Topics: Marketing, Ice cream, Food additive Pages: 3 (712 words) Published: November 3, 2011
To Ice-Fili CEO:

The Vision of Ice-Fili

Ice-Fili pursues a strategy of product separation, focusing both on high quality, new flavors and product lines, and more importantly, and original branding methodology that combines long-established business goals with a progressive public agenda to form a definite unique attractive product offering. Ice-Fili sells a product that is not only a leader in its market share, but truly a product made of value to bring success. Our overall corporate focus will be to reorganize our infrastructure to increase productivity and efficiency. We will form a strategy to keep our consumers during the troubling economic times. To do this we will devote a larger portion then ever to our marketing and advertising budget.

Targeting the right market during Financial Crisis

By selling a product that is among the cheapest in our Russian market we will be targeting our traditional and low cost market segments versus our competitors who are targeting higher end market segments. With the economy suffering if we lower our costs in production and manufacturing we will be able to lower cost by only 10%, which will not turn barely any consumers away. By producing our products as single-portion packaging we will be able to target the lower end consumers, as this is the dominant most popular type of ice-cream product. However, to reach the traditional end we will still over quarts of ice cream to be sold in stores since more consumers are eating at home this category of products is on the rise. To ensure that profits are still made during stagnant and economically stressful times and to reduce overall product cost we will leverage our infrastructure and production facilities. We will produce mayonnaise and a few other fat-containing products to increase revenue.

The best ingredients nature offers

Ice-Fili's focuses on attaining great quality products by using only the best ingredients available that includes natural dairy products...
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