Ice Cream Marketing Plan

Topics: Marketing, Ice cream, Milk Pages: 14 (3891 words) Published: September 27, 2011
I. Executive Summary
Ice cream is a highly favored treat for Filipino families. From reunions and get together to singular indulgence and rewards. People from all ages enjoy this coolest of comfort foods. That why we decided to come up with Fruity ice cream owned and operated by CMMS Corporation and soon will be the leading ice cream company in the Philippines or with a rapidly developing consumer brand and growing customer base.  The signature line of innovative, premium, ice cream flavors include Nangkasuy, Strawberry Marble Cream, Rocky Road, Chocolate, Double Dutch, Cappuccino, Cookies and Cream, Raspberry Rapture, and Pistachio. Fruity ice cream will also servesugar free ice cream such as Choco marble, French Vanilla and Mixed Berries. Fruity ice cream will reinvent the ice cream experience for individuals, families, and take out customers with discretionary income by selling high quality, innovative products at a reasonable price, designing tasteful, convenient locations, and providing industry-benchmark customer service.  In order to grow at a rate consistent with our objectives, Fruity ice cream is offering additional packages for the convenience of its customers. Fruity ice cream are said to be especially refreshing and uses only carefully selected premium quality dairy and tropical fruit ingredients. Unlike commercial products that call themselves “ice-cream” but use vegetable fats and non-dairy substitutes, we only use the best milk ingredients from New Zealand and Australia. In fact, you get a glass of milk in every scoop of FIC. We pack a whole glass of milk into each scoop of fruity ice cream. Pure milk makes our ice cream creamy, dreamy and oh so delicious (not to mention good for your health). So do your health a favor, load up on vitamins and minerals by getting your daily ice cream.You’ll love that our ice cream consist of 1/3 real fruit. We got inspiration from the best tropical Philippines.

II. Situational Analysis/ Market Analysis
Fruity ice cream is close to entering its second year of operation.  The company has been well received, and marketing is now critical to its continued success and future profitability.  The store offers an extensive offering of ice cream.  The basic market need is to offer individuals, families, and take out customer’s fresh, creative, attractive, ice cream, and desserts.  Fruity ice cream uses only the best and freshest ingredients. Market Summary

Fruity ice cream possess good information about the market and knows a great deal about the common attributes of our most prized and loyal customers.  Fruity ice cream will leverage this information to better understand who is served, their specific needs, and how Fruity’s can better communicate with them. Market Demographics

The profile for Fruity ice cream’s customer consists of the following geographic, demographic, and behavior factors: Geographic’s
* Our immediate geographic target is the whole Luzon Area specifically the whole national capital region (NCR). * The total targeted population is estimated at 5,000,000. Demographics
Fruity ice cream would like to serve the whole market segment. FIC will use mass marketing or market coverage strategy in which we decides to ignore market segment differences and go after the whole market with one offer. It is type of marketing (or attempting to sell through persuasion) of a product to a wide audience. The idea is to broadcast a message that will reach the largest number of people possible. Our target market are both female and male, 5 years old and above, from class A to D, persons who has diabetes, health conscious, during events or celebration such as birthdays, anniversary, Christmas party, and others. Behavior Factors

* Enjoy a high quality dessert without worrying about the possibility you might get fat or have diabetes. * When ordering, health concerns in regard to foods are taken into account. * There is value attributed to the appearance or...
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