Ice Cream Block Party

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Ice Cream Block Party

It was the summer in 2006, it was hot and the air was dry, my two children and I had just finished moving to our new apartment in Ventana Ranch we were all exhausted and relieved to be finished. Moving wasn’t something they had ever did before we had lived in Bernalillo their entire little lives, but I was ready for change, a new beginning, I wanted to get out of the town I grew up in and I had finally done that. My daughter, Niya was five years old, my son, Santiago was ten. They were excited they didn’t have to share a room any longer this apartment was bigger than what we had before. School had just finished for Santiago and it was summer break. He wasn’t too happy about leaving his friends behind, neither was Niya. This was her first year in Kindergarten and Santiago’s 5th grade year, we had a talk about making new friends and how much fun it could be, but I knew it wouldn’t be easy. The next morning I woke to the smell of new carpet and fresh paint on the walls I was ready to make this place feel like home, I made the kids some eggs and ham and told them they could go play outside; maybe find some other kids to play with. I sat and drank my coffee and got online while checking my email I noticed a contest from Dryers Ice cream it said, “Win an Ice cream block party for you and 100 of your friends and ice cream for a year!” I looked at the dead line and it was that same day, all I had to do was write a letter stating why I deserve it so I did. It was short but sweet I figured what better way for my children to make friends and meet other kids right before the school year starts than for them to host a huge ice cream block party! I didn’t want to tell the kids because what are the odds of me winning? I didn’t want to get them all excited for nothing so I kept it to myself. The next three weeks were long and hot we stayed indoors most of the time. We would go to the park or swim at the pool but not so much because of the...
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