Ice Cream and Turkish Market

Topics: Ice cream, Competition, Frozen yogurt Pages: 2 (773 words) Published: January 26, 2013
As Pinkberry entered the Turkish market in 2009 its future was so unpredictable and quite blurry to see forward cause it was appealing to a very small market, which is nor yogurt market neither ice cream market. The size of the current in market in Turkey that time was bringing lots of opportunities and threats along with it. The most significant opportunity was the high possibility of exploiting this fact into a great advantage for the company, as the market is so small and newly introduced to the Turkish market, Pinkberry has the great opportunity to dominate and create a niche market. Thus the company would have the chance to create a frozen yogurt culture from nothing, which is a big chance to turn around things in the favor of the company. This fact that the market is newly emerged, provides Pinkberry to become the leader of frozen yogurt sector in Turkey in case of a success. Secondly the fact that healthy food has become “in” all over the world as Turkey, Pinkberry steps into the market with a clear advantage. As lots of people became obsessed with the ingredients and nutrition values of what they eat, frozen yogurt topped with fruit becomes a perfect fit for those who care about their meals and health. Besides the opportunities listed above; entering a small market brings couple of threats with it. Here in frozen yogurt case it is important to state the lack of recognition. Vast majority of the İstanbul society is not familiar to the frozen yogurt concept and are not prone to have a frozen yogurt as a daily snack. Other threat for this case is that there is only one competitor in the turkish market (yoort) which complicates to set a strategy. As there is not a settled perfect competition, pricing positioning, placing, promotion etc. İssues become complexer to figure out. Furthermore, Pinkberry has strengths and weaknesses in maintaining a succesful business in the Turkish market. Pinkberry is a company with a big experience and a quality background...
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