Ice Breaker

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Ice breakers

1st game- mingle around.(including facis) max 15mins
Participants mingle around and listen to the numbers given by the speaker. When I say- 1- do the superman sign alone
2-find a partner and do the kayak action
3-3 people and do the traffic light
4- 4 people form a bird
5- 5 people hold hands a make a flower

*i will ask a few facis to demonstrate the actions first

2nd game- find group members and facis 20mins
Participants go around lookin for their group members - strips of papers will be given during registration (we will prepare). Grouping is according to length of paper. Clues of faci will be written at the back of the strips of paper. They must charade to the facis the descriptive word given. If the facis are satisfied. They pass. If not, facis can ask them to do anything they want.

3rd game-knowing me, knowing you (by group) 15mins
Public caning.
A roll of newspaper is used to make the cane, one participant stands in the middle with the cane, other people surround the person and starts calling names one by one. The person with the cane must try to hit the person who's name is called.

4th-china bomb-until a few groups left. Unless they are very good. Max 20mins Name of the bombs will be given eg. Ballerina bomb/sumo bomb/hurdles bomb They are required to come up with their own actions.

5th-musical human(everyone including facis) until we have a winner or max 20mins Songs will be played. Participants mingle around getting to know each other. When the song is paused. Find a partner and lock your hands together back to back. The game gets harder when different requirements are applied. Eg. 5 ppl per group with one person wearing red

7per group with 3 ppl in sports shoes etc.

If they look bored playing the games. We will have back up games to fill in time.
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