Topics: Brewster McCloud, Sally Kellerman, Minotaur Pages: 4 (1287 words) Published: December 6, 2012
In this class we have studied many heroic tales. Some of the most important ones were the stories of Ancient Greece, such as Icarus. Whether they were written in 2010 or 1610, stories such as this still have relevance to our modern life. The struggles that men had in ancient times are still the struggles that we all face in our lives today. Human nature never changes and throughout time we will all be faced with the same problems and turmoil that have plagued man since the beginning of time.

In the myth of Icarus, we meet Daedalus, a skilled Athenian craftsman who was building a prison in which to hold the evil monster of Create, a Minotaur, which was a creature that was half man and half bull. However, the monster captured and imprisoned Daedalus and his son Icarus, first. In order to escape, the craftsman fashioned wings and attached them onto both he and his son. He then told his son not to fly too close to the sun. If he did then the wax from the wings would melt away and they would fall to the ground. Icarus grew too giddy and excited for his own wellbeing and flew too close to the sun thus falling out of the sky. He drowned in what is now the Sea of Icaria, named after him. Icarus had became too brave and decided to soar the skies like a well-trained bird at flight. He was a victim of his own ego. Daedalus did not ruin his wings because he was more careful, wiser, and mature.

This story is, of course, a myth meant to teach people a good lesson - never let your ego get the best of you! Many writers over the years have claimed that the father and son fled Create by boat and said that Icarus fell over board and drowned. The Minotaur could be a metaphor for a “human monster” such as a murderer or other human anti-hero.

Brewster McCloud is a movie from 1970 about a 19 or 20-year-old boy from Houston, Texas who, like Icarus and Daedalus, had many ordeals in his life. First of all, he was semi-homeless, secretly living in the Houston Astro Dome....
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