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Study Guide 3

1. What formatting element can be used to compare the characteristics and measurements of a list of related items? Table

2. True or False: Word 2007 allows only one header and footer style to be used in a document. False

3. In an action to replace a block of text in a document, the text block to be replaced is selected. What are the alternative next steps that could be used to complete this action? Type new text

Paste new text

4. What editable entity is created by the intersection of a row and a column in a table? Cell

5. What actions can be used to change the order of the slides in a presentation in either the Presentation pane or the Slide Sorter view? Cut and paste
Drag and drop

6. What reference element is locked in the cell reference A$1? Row 1

7. On what tab of the PowerPoint 2007 Ribbon are the options used to preview a slide show located? Slide Show tab

8. What spreadsheet action can be used to select and display only data that meets specific criteria? Filter

9. What is the general term used to describe the action of adding, removing, replacing, or reformatting text in a document? Editing

10. What is the general usage of the features, functions, and commands on the Home tab of the Office Word 2007 Ribbon? Standard paragraph and character formatting commands, features, styles and Clipboard functions

11. What are the commonly supported electronic formats in which a document can be saved for sharing purposes? Published to an IRM
Converted to a PDF or XPS document
Sent as an attachment to an e-mal
Sent as a fax

12. What can be used to change the height of an Excel 2007 spreadsheet row? Autofit
Format cells
H-Split cursor

13. What is typically the maximum number of columns that can be created in a word processing document? Three

14. True or False: Word 2007 has no provision or feature that allows a document’s author to restrict who can access a document and what they can do to or with the document. False

15. True or False: When a personal productivity application starts up, a new, blank document must be opened by the user. False

16. To create a slide that contains only a photographic image and a brief caption, what slide design or layout should be used? Picture with Caption

17. True or False: The background of a slide is controlled by the slide layout and can only be changed by applying a new slide layout. False

18. What are the common document elements that are supported by word processing applications? Table of Contents
Reviewer Comments
19. True or False: The contents of a table can be sorted, formatted, and aligned in the same manner as any text in a word processing document. True

20. What is perhaps the resource that should be used first when trying to find or learn a certain feature of an application? Help system of application

21. True or False: A spelling checker can find and flag any word that is spelled correctly but used incorrectly. False

22. Symbols are small bits of art that can be used to make a word a sentence, to add humor or emphasis, or to separate blocks of text, among other uses. Special characters typically have a definite and specific purpose with many special characters located on the keyboard.

23. True or False: A spreadsheet application is only able to sort data in an ascending sequence. False

24. What term describes a predefined presentation shell that applies a set of slide designs and layouts typically intended for a particular type of slide presentation or audience? Template

25. What formatting element must be applied to facilitate a different document format in separate parts of a document? Section break

26. What are the basic chart types found in nearly all spreadsheet applications? Bar chart
Line chart
Pie chart

27. What are the two levels of formatting that can be...
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