Ibong Adarna

Topics: Skepticism, Doubt, Critical thinking Pages: 3 (403 words) Published: March 2, 2013

The researcher and scholar have characteristics that are often acquired in academic institutions and developed through the years. Sometimes the student remains unaware of these characteristics and fail to develop them.

Here are some of these characteristics:

Intellectual curiosity

This is the inquiring frame of mind, the desire for knowledge. This is the mind that keeps asking “why?”

Prudence and Wisdom

While curiosity leads the researcher to the discovery of truth, it can also lead to disaster. Hence, prudence and wisdom come in. This means knowing when to stop the inquiry because its consequence can be dangerous or harmful.

Awareness of obstacles to Progress

As we walk along the highway of life we meet “obstacles to progress”. In research these are hindrances to the realization of objectives that promote social, economic, political, educational, scientific and moral development. The researcher must be aware of these in order to conduct inquiries that can eliminate or diminish these hindrances.

Intellectual honesty

Intellectual honesty means acknowledging intellectual indebtedness. When one quotes or takes information from existing sources, one must specify these sources. For example, CD piracy is a violation of intellectual property rights. It is intellectual dishonesty.

Healthy skepticism

The healthy skeptic is an open-minded doubter. This is the “doubting Thomas” who refuses to accept statements as true until the evidence is there.

Patience and determination

Research is a tedious, time consuming task. Locating, collecting, evaluating, analyzing, interpreting information and writing the final research report, require a steadfast commitment to the activities involved.

Competence and Skill

The reliable researcher undergoes rigid training to develop his/her competence and skill in the task of data collection, assessment and...
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