Ibm Sap Implementation

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IBM Customer Support Plan
IBM Systems Solution
for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator
and Business Objects Explorer, Accelerated Version
BladeCenter e1350 Cluster

Document includes: SAP BWA BladeCenter e1350 Cluster
| |Contents | |This document communicates technical | | |support available to you on your solution purchase, the procedures for |•Introduction to BWA Support | |obtaining support, and information on | | |contacting support. You will find information on |•Support Flow Charts | |how to contact support for hardware and software | | |reporting procedures, escalation processes |• Hardware / Software Support | |(Including a chart defining severity levels), | | |team members' roles and responsibilities, |• IBM Global Services | |as well as information available by phone. | | | |• Support Web Site Links | | | | | |• Support Phone Numbers |

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IBM Systems solution for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator Cluster 1350 Cluster Support

The IBM Systems solution for SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator (BWA) solution crosses traditional IT disciplines and BASIS Support organizations. It requires coordinated support between server, network, storage and BASIS Teams within IT because it crosses these technology and skill boundaries. IT is typically responsible for system availability and upgrades while BASIS support is typically responsible for application availability. BW Accelerator availability, upgrades, and enhancements must be coordinated with IT and BASIS Support and most importantly SAP. All support inquiries are directed to and researched at SAP through SAP’s OSS. SAP works with all BWA hardware and software partners to...
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