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Topics: Smarter Planet, Developing country, Police Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Adam Ratajewicz
Case #1 IBM

1. Pick a company (or brand, institute, city, or government), which can be a client of IBM and describe 3 specific benefits the Smarter Planet initiative can provide to the organization? Austin, Texas being one of the fastest growing cities in the country can highly benefit from the Smarter Planet initiative. For example police departments can cut crime rates by large percentages as they did in Memphis by using IBM solutions to analyze data. Smart solutions such as ramp metering, signal coordination and accident management can reduce travel delays by up to 700,000 annually. Also power outages in the city can be reduced and power restored will be faster by using smart grids that IBM is providing. 2. SWOT analysis

* Strengths: Smarter Planet has collaborated with over 600 organizations around the globe already. The broad range of industries has proved success of the strategy where “smart” solutions are being implemented. Also statistics have proven that “smart” solutions have saved costs and in general bettered cities, industries and organizations. * Weaknesses: Since Smarter Planet focuses on using technology to bring change it will be difficult to bring to undeveloped nations. * Opportunities: There is an increased demand for information globally, which industries are attempting to attain. Basically Smarter Planet can help reduce costs, cut waste, improve efficiency, and increase productivity for companies, industries and cities. * Threats: Changes in the infrastructures and networks of the clients may be very time consuming and expensive, which can prevent Smarter Planet from being adapted.

Trends: Trends will include global changes such as fewer trade barriers, the growth of developing economies and increased access to the World Wide Web. IBM believes that these will bring a new type of organization called the “globally integrated enterprise.” Also the allowance of social, physical...
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