Iba't Ibang Paraan Ng Pagluluto Ng Pagkaing Pinoy

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Mini Lathe Operation: Drilling
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Drilling Operations
The alignment between the headstock and tailstock of the lathe enables you to drill holes that are precisely centered in a cylindrical piece of stock. I tried doing this once with my drill press and vise before I had the lathe; it did not turn out too well. Before you drill into the end of a workpiece you should first face the end as described in the facing operations section. The next step is to start the drill hole using a center drill - a stiff, stubby drill with a short tip. If you try to drill a hole without first center drilling, the drill will almost certainly wander off center, producing a hole that is oversized and misaligned. We hate that! Center drills come in various sizes such as #00, #0, #1 - #5, etc. You can purchase sets of #1-#5 for under $5.00 on sale from several suppliers.

Preparing to Drill
Before drilling you need to make sure that the drill chuck is firmly seated in the tailstock. With the chuck arbor loosely inserted in the tailstock bore, crank the tailstock bore out about 1/2". Lock the tailstock to the ways, then thrust the chuck...
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