Ib Physics Syllabus Statements

Topics: Force, Electromagnetism, Magnetic field Pages: 53 (14863 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Table of Contents

Topic 2: Mechanics3
2.1. Kinematics3
2.2. Forces and dynamics3
2.3. Work, energy, and power5
2.4. Uniform circular motion6
Topic 3: Thermal Physics7
3.1. Thermal Concepts7
3.2. Thermal Properties of Matter7
Specific Heat Capacities, Phase Changes, and Latent Heat7
Kinetic Model of an Ideal Gas8
Topic 4: Oscillations and Waves9
4.1. Kinematics of simple harmonic motion9
4.2. Energy changes during simple harmonic motion10
4.3. Forced oscillations and resonance10
4.4. Wave characteristics11
4.5. Wave properties12
Topic 5: Electric Currents13
5.1. Electric potential difference, current and resistance13 Electric potential difference13
Electric current and resistance14
5.2. Electric Circuits15
Topic 6: Forces and Fields16
6.1. Gravitational Force and Field16
6.2. Electric Force and Field16
6.3. Magnetic Force and Field18
Topic 7: Atomic and Nuclear Physics19
7.1. The Atom19
Atomic Structure19
Nuclear Structure20
7.2. Radioactive Decay20
7.3. Nuclear Reactions, Fission and Fusion21
Nuclear Reactions21
Fission and Fusion23
Topic 8. Energy, Power, and Climate Change23
8.1. Energy Degradation and Power Generation23
8.2. World Energy Sources23
8.3. Fossil Fuel Power Production24
8.4. Non-Fossil Fuel Power Production24
Nuclear Power24
Solar Power25
Hydroelectric Power25
Wind Power26
Wave Power26
8.5. The Greenhouse Effect27
Solar Radiation27
The Greenhouse Effect27
8.6. Global Warming27
Topic 9. Motion in Fields27
9.1. Projectile Motion27
9.2. Gravitational Field, Potential and Energy28
9.3. Electric Field, Potential and Energy29
9.4. Orbital motion29
Topic 10. Thermal Physics30
10.1. Thermodynamics30
Gas Laws30
10.2. Processes31
The first law of thermodynamics31
10.3. Second law of thermodynamics and entropy31
Topic 11. Wave Phenomena31
11.1. Standing Waves31
11.2. Doppler Effect32
11.3. Diffraction33
11.4. Resolution34
11.5. Polarization34
Topic 12: Electromagnetic Induction35
12.1 Induced Electromotive Force35
12.2 Alternating current35
12.3. Transmission of electrical power36
Topic 13: Quantum Physics and Nuclear Physics36
13.1. Quantum Physics36
The Quantum Nature of Radiation36
The Wave Nature of Matter37
Atomic Spectra and Atomic Energy States38
13.2. Nuclear physics38
Radioactive Decay39
Topic 14: Digital Technology40
14.1. Analogue and digital signals40
14.2. Data Capture; digital imaging using charge-coupled devices (CCDs)40 Glossary41


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Topic 2: Mechanics

2.1. Kinematics

2.1.1. Define displacement, velocity, speed, and acceleration. • Displacement (a vector quantity) is a measured distance in a given direction in ([pic]). • Speed (a scalar quantity) is the rate at which a moving object covers distance in ([pic]). • Velocity (a vector quantity) is speed in a given direction (in [pic]). • Acceleration (a vector quantity) is the rate of change of velocity in a given direction (in [pic]). 2.1.2. Explain the difference between instantaneous and average values of speed, velocity and acceleration. • Average velocity: [pic] the change in displacement divided by the change in time. The slope of the secant line of a displacement-time graph over a given interval. • Instantaneous velocity: [pic] the … as the change in time becomes infinitely small. The derivative of the displacement-time graph function at a given point. • Speed and acceleration work in similar ways.

2.1.3. Outline the conditions under which the equations for uniformly accelerated motion may be applied. • Objects must be uniformly accelerated.
• Objects must be in linear motion (traveling in a straight line). 2.1.4. Identify the acceleration of a body falling in a vacuum near the Earth’s surface with the acceleration g of free fall. • Constant acceleration at [pic].

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