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Topics: Aesthetics, Tattoo, Art Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: March 27, 2013
IB Art SL: Artist Statement

Art is my way of expressing my ideas, emotions, and creativity. Because art is a reflection of life, I’m able to use art to channel my ideas or events that relates to my life. Some of my art are made to celebrate something whether it be a holiday, a joyful event, or just life itself. Some however, give a darker vibe and expose pain, sorrows, and tragedies. I wish to expose these unpleasant elements because they bring in raw emotions. Through my art, I aim to make people realize the importance of appreciation for beauty. In my perspective, beauty isn’t necessary a portrait of flowers, or pictures that have an aesthetic appeal but rather what draw out feelings and understanding. I aspire to make art not only decorative but also meaningful. I choose themes, mediums, and ideas base upon my sub conscious. Usually, I look for inspirations through pictures and articles, instead my subconscious recognize something that I’m interested in expanding on, I can get an idea of what I might want to do for my artworks. On occasions however, my artworks are dependent on my mood. If I’m confused, there would be notable or even excessive lines.I aim to break boundaries with my artworks and be different from others. For this reason, my wood burning aims at mimicking tattoo designs because since they both etch into their canvases and are permanent, I can see how tattoos might influence wood burnings. When doing my artworks, I first outline the figure I’m trying to create, then I go around and fill out the rest with lines and patterns until I feel like the artwork is complete. When painting, I fill out the silhouette with black sharpies. Afterwards, I fill in the rest of the blank spaces with vivid colors. For background, my backgrounds are usually multicolor because I want the focus to be on the subject rather than the background. Sometimes however, I just start with random paint strokes and continue until I have an idea of what I’ll make...
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