Ib Hl Business Internal Assessment

Topics: SWOT analysis, Management, Agriculture Pages: 15 (4344 words) Published: November 30, 2011
How can PICO Agriculture increase the motivation of the employees by changing their managerial style?

Business and Management Internal Assessment

Name: Salma Diab Candidate Number: 000709010
School: Cairo American College
Main Essay: 1848 words
Executive Summary: 198 words

table of content
Executive summary 2 Research proposal 3 Action plan 5 introduction 6 methodology 7 analyses

Swot analysis 8 Pest analysis 9 Employee survey statistics 10 Absenteeism and labor turnover 12 conclusion 13 bibliography 14 appendix
Interview with Managing Director of PICO Ag. 15 Interview with head of human resources 17 Employee survey 19

Exacutive summary

The management at PICO Agriculture is classified as autocratic by its employees. Their bureaucratic regime also limits numerous internal factors within the firm’s human resources. This led to question, “How can PICO Agriculture increase the motivation of the employees by changing their managerial style?” The initial research proposal discloses the research question and runs through the theoretical framework, methodology, and addresses issues that arise after conducting the research of the internal assessment. An action plan is also explained and schedules the time each action will take place. The introduction is a brief summary about the company’s background and its progress throughout time. The methodology is a precise description of what will be analyzed and how maximum results will be obtained for answering the research question. The main findings are the studies of the SWOT and PEST analyses as well as the survey statistics and absenteeism data. All analyses are formed from the information put forth from the interviews conducted, data gathered, and statistics collected from the survey conducted by the employees of the firm. The study concludes by recommending ways of improving employee motivation, ultimately increasing employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, thus improving the company as a whole.

Research Proposal and Action Plan

Research Question

How can PICO Agriculture increase the motivation of the employees by changing their managerial style?


Because of the large percentage of staff in the production are people rather than machines and from enduring external factors from diseconomies of scale, the opportunity exists for farm workers and the employees that work in the firm of PICO Agriculture to become more motivated to produce enhanced outcomes in their line of work, which will ultimately benefit the company as a...
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