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Topics: Shopping mall, Observation, Restaurant Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Pioneer Square Observation Report

In Pioneer square there are many places to sit and observe the people whom pass by, but perhaps one of the most interesting places to go is the food court inside the pioneer square mall. I found that the best time to observe all the micro cultures was at lunch time, when people take a break from their busy lives to come and enjoy a lunch from a variety of choices. The environment is one of the other things that I was able to notice right away, not only the setting but also how the environment affects the people at the food court, and the one thing that stood out the most while I observing the food court was the authority within the court.

One of the first things I was set out to find while doing the observation in the food court of the Pioneer Square mall was to find the micro cultures. I was able to observe three major micro cultures. There were people who passed by in a hurry, it seemed like they had somewhere to be. They seemed to go by so fast with a phone in their ear, or in their hands to even notice the other people surrounding them. The second micro culture I was able study was the people ordering from various places in the food court. The most common thing I noticed within this micro culture was the way they each stood still for a while as if they were weighing their options of all the food choices they had, then once they ordered their food would sit; whether it was in the lower part or on the stage of the food court, and after that they all seemed to do the same thing. They talked among themselves, and when done they cleaned their space and left. The last and the most obvious micro culture within the food court were the employees working in their little space of a restaurant. Within this micro culture the people seemed very quiet as the food court was empty but as lunch time came around and people started to appear, they seemed to cheer up. When people started coming around the food court into their restaurant,...
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