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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Essay Question: Single Party States allowed women to play a fuller role in society. How far do you think do you agree this was the cause in Cuba under Fidel Castro?

Single Party States allowed women to play and fuller role in society to increase the country’s value. If we look back on past authoritarian states like Germany or Soviet Russia, women and men were equal to extent. Women did the same jobs as men and were suppose to be considered as a man’s equal, but the state still expected women to be the housewife that bared a lot of children and made sure the house was take care of. It was harder to change tradition so they never did anything about unless it was very crucial to the state. Fidel Castro’s policy on women is example of how women were expected to serve their country and their family at the same time.

During pre-Revolutionary Cuba, women had more rights the other women in Latin America. The 1940 constitution gave women equal rights as men and made sure that women were not discriminated against at work and were to receive equal pay for equal work.Women had the right to vote, they had a right to get jobs that were more suitable for women (nursing or teaching) and have the right to a divorce. But because of tradition over state laws, women continued to be housewives, which upper and middle class men preferred. The women who continued to work were discriminated against by giving jobs that had a greater responsibility to men. When Castro took over in 1959, he saw that in order to achieve modernization, he needed everybody to work together, men and women alike., to be able to achieve a produce record harvests. But because of the discrimination against women working a man's job, Castro had to come of a way to stop the discrimination against women and find a way to teach the women how to do a man's job.

Legislation addressed these issues by passing new laws that were to reinforce the equal rights of men and women to access all types of jobs. Women...
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