Ib English the Crucible

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  • Published : January 24, 2013
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Taylor Harvey
Mrs. Thompsen
IB Junior English
23 January 2013
In The Crucible, Author Arthur Miller creates tension within the characters in order to show the readers that the characters are conflicting. Tension is shown when characters cut each other off in mid-sentence, “why, that’s not necessary” (40). Also when they get cut off while talking they get frustrated and over whelmed with each other. Tension between the characters is also developed through lies. When Abigal willingly drinks the blood she blames it on Tituba. “She makes me drink blood” (43). This just shows that the characters lied to avoid blame for things they did or didn’t do. Arthur Miller gives Proctor the tragic flaw of a tendency to buckle under pressure. He tells the judge over and over that he had no part in witchcraft until all eyes are on him and he buckles. “You came to save my soul, did you not? Here! I have confessed myself: it is enough!’ (142). Proctors confession led to him admitting that he had an affair with Abigal. Proctors admittance of his sin with Abigal is the turning point of the novel continues to confess, he admits to witchcraft. “I mean to deny nothing” (143). His confession is his demise. However, Proctor refuses to write his confession, saying that he would rather keep his good name than to lie.” I have given you my soul; leave my name!”(145) proctors flip flopping illustrates his tragic flaw of buckling under pressure. Arthur Miller utilizes the motif of land in order to symbolize power. The more power one has. “That’s gods truth; he nearly willed away my north pasture but he knew Id break his fingers before he’d set his name to it” (32). The more land a person has the more power and respect they get given to them. “ I have six hundred acres, and timber in addition” (85). Fighting, Arguing, Bragging and Lying over land is what a person had to do to show power in the town. The person who has the most land also has the most power and that is the man who has it all....
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