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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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|English A1 SL World Literature Assignment Assessment Chart | |A: Selection of the Aspect and its Treatment |B Knowledge and Understanding of Work(s) |C: Presentation |Language | |The achievement level for this criterion is |How well does the candidate know the work(s) |Levels 3-5 are awarded only to candidates who have |How clear is the candidate’s written expression? | |determined primarily by the treatment of ideas, not |studied? |remained within the prescribed word-limit. |How well has the candidate observed the conventions | |the selection of the aspect. |How much understanding has the candidate shown of |How effectively has the candidate presented the |of written work? (The conventions of written work | |How well has the candidate defined the aspect |the work(s) studied in relation to the assignment? |assignment? |relate to elements such as paragraphing, grammar, | |chosen? |To what extent does the candidate appreciate the |How precise and relevant are the candidate’s |spelling, citation of references.) | |How appropriate is the aspect chosen to the |cultural setting relevant to the assignment, where |references? |How appropriate is the register selected by the | |assignment? |appropriate? |How detailed and meaningful is the statement of |candidate for the particular assignment? (Register | |How well has the aspect chosen been explored in |...
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