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Extended Essay – English B

American Society Should Take Responsibility for its Troubled Teenagers

Research question:
Regarding Green Day’s twelve-minute-long music video “Jesus of Suburbia” as well as its lyrics, how have the problems of American society led to the problems of American teenagers?

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I’m concerned about America’s troubled children and curious about the cause of their problems after I watched Green Day’s 12 minute music video “Jesus of Suburbia.” Their discontent and self-destruction shocked me. Therefore, regarding that music video and the lyrics of “Jesus of Suburbia,” this essay is going to focus on how the problems of American society have led to the problems of its troubled teenagers.

This essay is divided into two parts. Part one presents two main problems of troubled teenagers, which are substance abuse and an apathetic attitude. Part two further discusses three reasons teenagers are doing all these things and the social problems which are likely to cause their problems. First, schools, which give up on their troubled children too easily, and irresponsible parents are responsible for teenager’s lack of education. Then the irresponsible parents’ problems are further discussed by analyzing the role of the mother in the music video, which indicates that the impact of broken homes and the parents’ own self-destruction on teenagers is profound. Thirdly, the hypocrisy of the American government is a big part of the cause of teenagers’ discontent. Its hypocrisy is embodied in its negligence of poverty and unemployment, and general lack of awareness of poor people. Finally, the irresponsible and unethical media is responsible for mass negative advertisements and TV shows, and neglecting the existence of troubled teenagers.

The conclusion is that the hypocrisy of American government, schools and the media and irresponsible parents cause teenagers’ apathetic attitude. Mass negative advertisement and parents’ self-destructive behaviors give teenagers the impulse to try these behaviors themselves. Overall, the society fails to save those teenagers who can be saved. The combination of the problems in society caused the problems of American troubled teenagers.

Page of Contents:
Introduction-------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 4 Part 1: Problems among Teenagers Presented in the Music Video as well as in the Lyrics------------ page 5

Substance abuse-----------------------------------------------------------------------page 5
Apathetic attitude---------------------------------------------------------------------page 6 Part 2: How are the Problems of American Teenagers the Result of the Problems in American Society? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 7 Lack of education--------------------------------------------------------------------------page 7 Irresponsible Parents-----------------------------------------------------------------------page 8 Resentment of Life and Society, and Taking Revenge-----------------------------------page 11 The Source of Resentment: Hypocrisy of the American Government-------------------page 12 The Unethical and Irresponsible American Media---------------------------------------page 16 Conclusion--------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 18 Work Cited--------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 20

Green Day released the groundbreaking album “American Idiot” in 2004 which showed strong rebellion against American society. Later on this album was adapted for Broadway and won the Best Musical Show Album at the 52nd Grammy Awards.

How can such a...
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