Ian Bremmer State Capitalism

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  • Published : December 13, 2010
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Critique of Ian Bremmer’s ‘State Capitalism Comes of Age', 88(3), in Foreign Affairs, 88(3), MayJune 2009.

The assignment I am working on for Contemporary Research in Management module is very interesting. It is a critique, so something different than normal essey or report. A critique is a paper that gives a critical assessment of a book or article. Critique does not have to be negative, it could be possitive. I will treat this assignment as a check on my overall knowledge explored by the research and try to create or shape my positions on the Bremmer’s arguments. The Bremmer’s article will be for me just a starting or reference point.

The question requires me to define my own opinion. The answer to this question can not be good or bad, so the author of this question would like to listen my opinion, how I understand the problems, which Bremmer introduced.

The article is about The Bremmer's thesis and the book presents this paradigm as a kind of "war." A war, actually, between statist leaders of China, India, Brazil, et.c. and the more visionary, multinational, corporatist leadership of the Anglo-America/European axis. The challenge for the capitalist system comes from the ability of state capitalism to achieve stability and growth while avoiding massive downturns that would otherwise threaten the stability of authoritarian regimes. The theory is that free market capitalism will not be as stable as state capitalism because free market capitalism has to weather the storms of periodic downturns that cannot be wrung out of the free market system. Mr. Bremmer tells that state capitalism has problems, but with its leading proponent, China, doing so well vs. the free market system the battle will be a long one. 

The author makes certain assumptions about the most recent free market downturn in 2008 that are, in my opinion, wrong. And I am desperate to work hard to prove it. Of course, I have not got the knowledgle as Bremmer but with...
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