Iago: Shakespeare's Sociopath

Topics: Thought, Idea, Mind Pages: 4 (1269 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Margioret Yupanqui
Professor: Christine Redman
Composition I-M04


Discuss about identities includes different ways of how people act, feel and think. People sometimes change their identities just because they want to join or fit in some groups, but they do not really act as how they are. David Berreby explains that in his article “It Takes A Tribes”. He explains how students try to join in different groups to find their own identities or feel comfortable. also he describes the university as a battlefield, because there are different groups who try to compete with other ones.

Even though the definition of identity is the fact of being who or what a person thing is. 1 After interviewing some college classmates, I realized that identities could be defined in different ways Like; we are shaped of culture, shaped by personal choices, and is also tied to what we are born with.

Environment has a lot influenced in our identity. Depends of what people have around them. For example, a child could be friendly if their parents are too because he can see how their parents act in front of him, so he will do the same.

Another influence is the status. People sometimes act depend how much money they have or if they are rich some of them do not like to join in some groups of low status just because they think is not good for their children; in order to that their children grow up in the wrong way thinking that they can have friend or even married with people of the same status. So they can find their own identity, because they raise in one family which try to find their identity for them.

People often try to join in different activities, for example my friend works a lot but she always go to the gym, do meditation and do her nails.
She says that they are a lot of people who do the same and she always go out or spend time with that people because she feels comfortable and understand them and they understand her too. She says that when she...
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