Iago Is Evil

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  • Published : October 8, 1999
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I am not what I am

Iago is quite possibly one of the best examples of evil in literature. He is not merely manipulative as other "bad guys". Iago also brings the interesting aspect of truthinto it all. He quite literally tells the best lies using mostly the truth. What can we callhim? Whether it be the devil, Satan, Beelzebub, Lucifer or Moloch, these words representthe very same idea: pure evil. Not the terrible creature from beyond, or anything quite so mundane as that, but the fundamental belief of malignancy in the world. All of these ideas reach a phenomenal peak in Iago. Iago does not have the casual killing persona of a Stalinor Mao, but instead possesses the pure hatred of everything he deems to be good and pure. His very existence is for the destruction of the truly innocent.

From the very beginning of Othello, Iago is in the midst of his scheme to destroyOthello. He speaks with the muddy-mettled rascal, Roderigo. And from the very firstmoment Iago admits to not really being what he seems. He is not what he is. And whatdoes he use as his reasoning for his obvious ill towards Othello. Well, he is sort of mad that Cassio was chosen as a Lieutenant instead of him. It is interesting that Iago feels theneed to justify himself to a pantywaist like Roderigo, who entrusts him with his "purse"without really even knowing him. When he does not belief his daughter to be "making thebeast with two backs"(I, i, 113), as Iago so gently puts it, Brabantio calls Iago a villain. Instead of denying it, Iago simply replies by saying, "You are-a senator."(I, i, 115) Agreat way to avoid reality is to merely pretend it is not there. Then, instead of takingcredit for telling Brabantio, Iago allows Roderigo to remain and bear witness. After all,what is the devil better at than casting false blame.

When Iago is preparing him for his confrontation with Brabantio, Othello asks ifhis soul and parts will...
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