Hyundai Motors Business

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MGMT901 Teacher Feedback on essay 2 UoW ID for assignment author......student username................ Company........ANZ............................ Name of marker.......Mary Barrett...........………………… Essay number..............2.............................. CRITERION 1: Evidence you understand the textbook/lecture material as it applies to the article, and can explain the article’s implications for your organisation’s CEO, other staff, competitors, etc Textbook/lecture material has been misunderstood or is irrelevant to the article. Little or no discussion of article’s implications. Basic understanding of textbook/lecture material as it relates to the article. Limited discussion of article’s implications. Textbook/lecture ideas well identified and explained in terms of the article. Sound discussion of article’s implications.

SCORE: 34-50

SCORE: 0-16

SCORE: 17-33

Comment about assessment criterion 1 An excellent analysis once again, M! Please see my additional comments on your essay below, which aim to refine some of your points. CRITERION 2: Ability to communicate effectively through writing Disorganised, unclear. Difficult to follow the argument. Writing could be clearer; it is sometimes difficult to follow the reasoning A well organised, clear, convincing piece of writing

SCORE: 0-5 Comment about assessment criterion 2 CRITERION 3: Appropriate acknowledgement of ideas you have read elsewhere Extensive plagiarism Some plagiarism All ideas from elsewhere are acknowledged SCORE: 6-10 SCORE: 11-15

SCORE: 0-5 SCORE: 6-10 SCORE: 11-15

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MGMT901: Essay 2

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Comment about assessment criterion 3

CRITERION 4: Correctness of writing, ie grammar, punctuation, referencing technique etc

Many errors

Some errors

Few or no errors

SCORE: 0-5

SCORE: 6-10 SCORE: 11-15

Comment about assessment criterion 4 You are citing all the material that is necessary, but the formatting of your references needs attention. Please see my corrections in your reference list. CRITERION 5: Extent to which the assignment meets the style and format specifications in the subject outline Assignment poorly formatted Most formatting correct Few or no formatting problems

SCORE: 0-1

SCORE: 2-3

SCORE: 4-5

Comment about assessment criterion 5



Overall comment As you can see from the scores, you are doing great work! I look forward to your essay 3.

Melissa Errey 9657797

MGMT901: Essay 2

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MGMT901: Essay 2 Organisational Strategy and Function Student username Student number One of the key outcomes of the fundamental managerial function of planning is strategy formulation. Planning identifies the organisational goals and paves the way for selecting an appropriate strategy, which is essential for success. Strategy exists at the corporate, business and functional levels and all three levels must coordinate in a coherent way to be able to meet the organisational goals. The chosen strategy must then be supported by an appropriate organisational structure to be effectively implemented. Several planning tools are available to managers to achieve this, in particular SWOT analysis and Porter’s Five Forces model. ANZ has been operating domestically since 1835, and has operated in the Asia-Pacific region for more than 30 years. In 2007 ANZ laid out a new super regional strategy that involved a focus on expanding operations into the Asia Pacific, European and American (APEA) markets, a move they believe will deliver growth for shareholders that wouldn’t be possible while pursuing a purely domestic strategy (ANZ Annual Report 2011). ANZ is still actively pursuing this strategy and has recently announced changes to its structure to support the strategy.

Melissa Errey 9657797

MGMT901: Essay 2

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Having such a long history that lead to the ANZ becoming one of the largest banks in Australia-NZ and the Asia...
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