Hyundai Mission Statement and Goals

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  • Published : April 19, 2012
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I have chosen the Hyundai Company to work with during this course. When I was reviewing their mission statement I saw that they really commit themselves to a lot of accomplishments. Their mission statement is as follows: At Hyundai, we commit ourselves to the accomplishment of the following goals: * To give equal consideration and opportunity to all individuals seeking a partnership with us in securing a Hyundai dealership. We will continue to strive to become the premier franchise with the broadest minority representation possible. * To provide equal opportunity to all suppliers and vendors seeking to do business with our company. Our selection of business partners will always be predicated upon our duty to provide our customers with safe, quality and affordable automobiles. * To continue to be committed to the philanthropic sharing of our profits to promote community development and improvement (focusing on the education and health of young people), protect our environment, and implement programs to improve understanding and respect within our society. * To expand our brand image by committing funds and effort to communicate a clear and accurate portrayal of our products, services and company values to all of our customers, regardless of their demographic status. * To hire and retain an executive management and employee staff based on equal participation and opportunity for all, regardless of race, gender, age, national origin, religion, or any other legally protected characteristic. * To solicit the advice and wise counsel of nationally recognized persons of achievement and character to assist us in fulfilling our goals. Hyundai mission statement acts as more than just a lot of words on a piece of paper. The mission statement is a vital tool that helps to keep everyone at Hyundai on the same page working towards the same goal. This mission statement also identifies Hyundai and how they are going to be able to meet the goals of their...
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