Hyundai Accelerates ... Consumer Behaviour Case Study

Topics: Marketing, Automotive industry, Understanding Pages: 2 (408 words) Published: December 25, 2012
Hyundai Accelerates New Image Marketing / Case Study 3
Handy Billy Tirta – 16349951

1. Why would Hyundai have a voice-over stating “we’re pretty sure that Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus aren’t going to like it very much” in Genesis ad? Hyundai creates the statement to change the schema of Hyundai in US Market . In the US market, Hyundai is well-known as a brand of budget car which is really affordable for people in United States. Now Hyundai wants to broaden their market by increasing its product range from only low-priced models to the better and exclusive car with a higher priced. In order to broaden their market, they have to create a new market segmentation by changing their schemas, images and personalities. The statement is made to create a new schema that now Hyundai is not only manufacture a low-priced car but also has a better car. Not only to change the schema they are also change its images and personalities that now they are also provide a better car for them who are willing to pay for it.

2. How is Hyundai using the country of origin to influence consumers’ inferences about Genesis? Know ledge about a product’s country of origin can affect the way consumers think about it. Hyundai should create a better understanding for its potential consumers that they are not only be able to produce a low-priced car, but also the high quality car. It is important for them because consumer relatively understand that the high quality car is own by a famous car manufacturer from Europe or US itself such as Mercedes, and BMW, not from South Korea. Hyundai can create a better images about their country of origin by explaining that they are also using the same supplier and technology which are used on Mercedes and BMW manufactures.

3. In terms of knowledge and understanding, how is the introduction of upscale Geneses sedan likely to affect how consumers think about lower-priced Hyundai models? In terms of knowledge and understanding, the introduction...
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