Hypnosis and the Power of Suggestion

Topics: Hypnosis, Mind, Consciousness Pages: 5 (2035 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Year One – Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills – Module One “What Is Hypnosis?” Describe the psychological and physical aspects of hypnosis and discuss the role of relaxation in Hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is a state of mind brought about by the use of set techniques. It allows individuals to increase their responsiveness to suggestion, This suggestion can allow beneficial changes to the participant in their thought process, behaviour and their physiological state. Since hypnosis occurs spontaneously in therapy, and in ordinary life, it is important to understand the role in which the patient has regarding the service of hypnosis. We must understand that everyone is their own individual and that everyone is different from one to another, likewise everyone will have a different experience as they progress from the state of alertness to a deep trance. Suggestion is all around us where ever you go. We even do it to each other without having to verbally say anything. If someone is standing at a bank machine waiting to draw money out and someone behind is smoking, even making eye contact and looking at the smoke is making a suggestion that you don’t like that, consciously making the other person either carry on doing it or blowing their smoke into another direction. Hence the reason why there is such a big increase in the amount of conscious women, you see all these adverts from selling women’s underwear, shampoo and even in the daily paper, makes not all but some women feel conscious about themselves how others see them, as it is wildly advertised that all women look like this. In theory giving the suggestion to women that if you buy this pair of underwear your look and feel just as good as me, or if you use this shampoo your hair will look as vibrant and as perfect like mine. So suggestion is a very powerful tool and in order for someone to benefit from hypnosis they need to be suggestive. The reason suggestion and hypnosis works well together is once someone is in a relaxed state the participant is more responsive to suggestion rather than if someone was in a fully conscious state. I quote:

“A communication, conveyed verbally by the hypnotist, that directs the subject’s imagination in such a way as to elicit intended alterations in sensations, perceptions, feelings, thoughts and behaviour.” This was a quote from the book Hypnotherapy A Handbook By Michael Heap, from what we can read from this we know that suggestion plays a huge role in weather or not someone would be ideal for hypnosis, someone who is really suggestive may have a better experience then someone who is more reluctant to whether or not it will work. They would have to allow their subconscious mind to take over rather than letting their conscious mind worry about whether or not hypnosis will work, therefore to get a good response from hypnosis the participant needs to be suggestive. Hypnosis has widely been misunderstood throughout a lot of people even myself, before I started to research and read what hypnosis is I wouldn’t have been able to give a good explanation to what hypnosis is and what it can do. Everyone has been in a hypnotic state at some point in their life even if they are not aware that they have been. Once we learn something new it becomes stored in our subconscious. However before we learn something it is in our conscious, which is because we have yet to learn it to allow it to fall into our subconscious mind set. So once our conscious mind has learned the ability to drive a car that learning ability is stored in our subconscious, and as we begin to travel along the road our subconscious mind set takes over as we have already learnt the ability to drive a car, our conscious minds become more active, thus is when we are more able to allow ourselves to day dream while driving, miss your turning and even go to the wrong destination. However when your attention is needed, maybe when someone has cut you up, or you need to change lanes, our conscious...
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