Topics: Hong Kong, Mass media, Facebook Pages: 10 (3071 words) Published: October 5, 2012
Tittle: Hyper reality and Celebrity culture

Nowadays media and technology are growing as hard to predict. Affected to the social behavior, Human can't recognize the truth; we confused by the hyper reality, we involuntarily to follow the system in our life. Hong Kong is a tiny city with flourishing information. The life style is the faster the better, it develop a lot of a copy action in different business, especially in wedding industry, meanwhile Hong Kong peoples are highly depend on Internet, the city haven’t realize its lead by celebrity culture and media. In this past five-year in Hong Kong had created a new way to represent news call “action news” they use 3D animation represent the whole happened in internet, but Is it the visual in the animation is real?

People in Hong Kong emphasize wedding customs and traditions.  It usually takes more time in Hong Kong than in United States to prepare a wedding.  Comparing to the casual wedding in United States, wedding in Hong Kong are more complex, In fact wedding it can just like Las Vegas, spend $25 and have a "simple marriage".  This process takes less than 2 hours. Because of the celebrity culture and hyper reality changes Hong Kong wedding more in last ten year. In Hong Kong wedding like a system or a show, the bride and groom will take photo in royal family style then print like an oil painting with the frame. The banquet will have backdrop for the guest-taking photo with the bride and groom, and the backdrop will have the designed logo for the newly wed. They will have an emcee for the banquet; they will play the game, sing etc. R.Penfold-Mounce(2009:12) believes “Celebrities in society influencing fashion, how we furnish our home, and even the food and drink we consume. “ The reason to have all these action are not traditional behavior, It all just come out by the Royal wedding and Celebrity. Royal wedding has affected the standard how about wedding should be. Media showing the Royal or Celebrity wedding over the world by television. The audience will try to follow or copy the wedding in the design, dress, picture angle and style. You can compare the different of photography royal family with Hong Kong people.(picture 1-2)

S. Holmes and S. Redmond (2006:60) agree, “Adulation, identification and emulation are key motifs in the study of celebrity culture. The desire for fame, stardom, or celebrification stems from a need to be wanted in a society where being famous appears t offer enormous material, economic, social and physic rewards” Some wedding they will design a souvenir, it based on royal wedding souvenir, they are giving a cup, a little decorative items. (pictures 3-5). Those item were made without any purpose, there has not use value. It was created by “emulation”,

If we see clearly about need is a concept without desire or personal require. It just system twisted desire to be rationalize and abstract. J.Baudrillard, (1988: 161). The new wedding behaviors have no meaning, but it getting to change be traditional behaviors, People getting to believe the new wedding behaviors are important in wedding. Media, Photo, Video, Facebook help wedding behavior explode to everyone, then people try to duplicate their wedding same as what they saw, after 100 times duplicate, people think new wedding behaviors are inevitable and right.

Facebook network bring the wedding to a half public space, people post photo, in addition everyone got camera, it make wedding can’t escape to be public. In this status the bride and groom will change to be well know in their area. It is the reason to reinforce they have new wedding behaviors, because the wedding is in the public space, masses will know how’s the wedding look like, masses will discuss about, wedding transform to be a issue.

The great amount of representation, people gradually lose the reassessment on new wedding behavior. According to C.Mclninch(2008) “Assimilation being further affirmation of the...
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