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Executive Summary4
1.0Introduction and Aim4
1.1Overview of Giant Hypermarket4
2.0 SWOT5
2.1 Strength5
2.1.1Marketing Campaign5
2.1.2 Good Relation with Its Supplier and Consumer6
2.1.3 Variety of Product, Service and Own Brand6
2.1.4 Big Retailer7
2.2 Weakness8
2.2.1 High Labour Turnover8
2.2.2 Large Size and High Advertising Cost8
2.2.3 E-commerce9
2.3.1 Explore New Location9
2.3.2 Increasing The No of Good and Its own House Brand10
2.3.3 Venturing To E-commerce Business10
2.4.1 Competition10
2.4.2 Home Brand10
3.1Substitute products:11
3.3Competition between the rival companies11
3.5Threat of new entrants:12
4.0 IT Position of Giant13
4.1T Position 1 and Problem 1: Shelf pricing system13
4.2 It position 2 and Problem 2:RFID Technology14
5.0Future strategy15
5.1 Solution 1: Digital Price or Electronic Shelf Labeling15
5.1.1 Benefit of Implementing16 Ongoing Label and/Printing Cost16 Increasing Revenue and Provide discount rate for Customer16
5.2 Solution 217
6.0The Important of system risk, security and recovery18
6.1Risk 118
6.1.1 Security 118
6.1.2 Recovery 119
6.2 Risk 219
6.2.1 Security 219
6.2.3 Recovery 3:Recovery Procedure.20
Group Task Report23

Executive Summary

This paper is to analysis the Giant Hypermarket in Malaysia, focusing on their IT Position and future strategy that Giant can implement. In this paper the research will be done on the SWOT of Giant and Porte’s Five Model to identify their industry competitiveness. Identifying the IT position that Giant Hypermarket current implementing, identifying the problem it create and recommend a solutions for the problems.

1.0 Introduction and Aim
2.1 Overview of Giant Hypermarket

Giant Hypermart is one of the largest Hypermarket in Malaysia. In 2012 Giant has already step to its 68 year of its operational years. It was founded in 1944 by the Teng Family originating in Kuala Lumpur. It based of operation is located at Shah Alam Selangor. Giant Hypermarket store can be located in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and UAE. The two major contributors to the success of Giant is its founder ‘Teng Family’ and Dairy Farm Giant Retail CEO John Coyle. Giant main operation activities are in the retail industry. Its store is widely distributed from western Malaysia to eastern Malaysia and other expansion such as in Brunei. Giant main mission was always to provide and offer variety of goods and product at the lowest competitive price. This is to match with their Slogan which says “Everyday Low Prices, Big Variety and Great Value”. The first Giant Hypermarket superstore was opened in Shah Alam, Selangor in 1999. Till now it has already build its own empire or retail store by having around 100 hypermarket, Supermarket and store. Throughout the years Giant made a growth to its neighboring country such as Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.

2.0 SWOT
The SWOT analysis of Giant Hypermarket
SWOT analysis is a useful tool to measure and understand the current strength and weakness of the organization. This is to ensure the company ability to sustain its success in the competing market. Below is the SWOT Analysis that Giant Should Consider:

2.1 Strength
2.1.1Marketing Campaign
Giant are now well recognized by the public. This is due to the effort done by marketing team. The team is responsible to market and promotes Giant Brand to the public. The medium used by them are advertising through newspaper, distributing flyer, catalogue, and brochures and using billboard/signboard. From their promotion they’re able to attract low and middle income earner.
Picture 1Picture...
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