Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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  • Published : March 24, 2010
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Nashia Horne
Professor S. Tanner Smith
Speech Communications, SPCH ORBC-MW06
22 March 2010

Hyperbaric Chambers and Oxygen Therapy: Life Saver

Specific Purpose: To inform audience of hyperbaric chambers and the oxygen therapy that they provide.

Central Idea: The description of a hyperbaric chamber, the oxygen therapy process, the illnesses it treats and the side effects.


I. Oxygen, one of the most important elements without which life would not exist. Without this life source, our bodies would begin to break down. Sores will develop and not heal, surgery incisions will not close, and burns do not get better. Oxygen is necessary for healing. This is the world of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

II. First, I will introduce the hyperbaric chamber; describe oxygen therapy, the illness it treats, and the side effects.


I. What is that contraption? Why, it is a hyperbaric chamber. (Power Point slide) A. There are two types of hyperbaric chambers: monoplace and multiplace. 1. Multiplace chambers are used to treat multiple patients numbering between 2 to 18 people.

a. Patients breathe 100% oxygen via a mask or close fitted hoods. b. Patients can bring in equipment such as ventilators and intravenous lines. c. The nurse has to monitor patients from inside the chamber and depressurized according to US Navy protocols. d. Multiplace chambers can be pressurized up 6 atmospheres of pressure. 2. Monoplace chambers are used to treat one patient at a time. a. Patient breathes 100% oxygen in the enclosed chamber. b. Patient cannot bring anything into chamber with them due to flammable nature of oxygen.

c. Nurse or doctor monitors the patient from outside of chamber. B. Most chambers have everything you need for your comfort....
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