Hygiene Conditions in the Cafeteria

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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The above matter is kindly referred to. 

2. As one of the member of the Student’s Consul from IPGIK, I would like to draw your attention on the dissatisfactory condition of the cafeteria kitchen. Recently, few cases have been reported regard students fell sick after eat the food served at cafeteria. Actually, we found that unhygienic condition of the cafeteria kitchen is the reason for their unconscious condition. Due to this, our committee members have discussed and draw some suggestions to improve the present condition of the cafeteria kitchen.  

3. First, we suggested the Cafeteria Management to conduct a spot check to upgrade the current condition of the kitchen. Conducting spot check at least once a month will enable the kitchen to stay in hygienic condition. Moreover, the caterer also will careful when dealing with maintenance of the kitchen to avoid such cases from being repeated. Therefore, conducting spot check is effective measure to improve the present condition of the cafeteria kitchen.  

4. Secondly, close the cafeteria kitchen for temporarily is also one of the effective way to improve the condition of the kitchen. This ensures them to do some clean up operations by renew and renovate the present kitchen. For instance, they can replaced the cooking utensils and cutleries with the new one. It enables the customers to have a great time in the cafeteria and they will convinced and satisfied with the service. Thus, it is essential to close the cafeteria kitchen for temporarily to ameliorate the current condition of the kitchen. 

5. Thirdly, the Cafeteria Management should send their staffs to attend practical training on hygienic food preparation. Prepare hygienic foods and ways to maintain the cleanliness of kitchen are the lesson that will taught to them in that workshop. Besides that, it also enable them to enrich with plenty of experiences on preparing new recipes. Hence, it is undeniable that the staffs will provide a good service after...
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