Hygiene and Cleanliness

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  • Published : November 7, 2010
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Cleanliness is an important trait and character for many reasons the first one I can think of in it prevents illnesses. Another, I can think of is it involves hygiene, it also is how people perceive you to be if your room or living area is dirty one would assume you are. I believe cleanliness is the cornerstone of discipline and a trademark of success. Reason being if someone shows up to work dirty and filthy you would not like them then to go far because if a person cannot keep themselves then why would you trust then to be around people and work with them. Without cleanliness I do not feel anyone could go far because it is as important as anything you are taught in school. It is one of those things people judge you on immediately and first impressions are everything. If a personal space can’t be maintained I do not feel you can maintain a healthy relationship without cleanliness. If someone wants to come over it would be an embarrassment to show them a filthy unkempt house, or wherever a person is to stay. There is a saying that cleanliness is next to Godliness. This old saying is said by some to have come from the bible. However, its first appearance in English even though in a different form seems to be by a person named “Francis Bacon”. In a book he wrote called “Advance of learning” 'Cleanness of body was ever deemed to proceed from a due reverence to God.’ A minimal level of cleanliness is necessary for everyone's health. Certainly we do not want to let food pile up on the counters, allow insects crawl in and make one to become sick. Having such a dusty home that breathing is unhealthy, or have the carpets littered with debris that causes insect to thrive. That much seems obvious. Maintaining proper hygiene is considered to be the first step towards living a healthy life. If one follows proper hygienic habits, the chances of he becoming ill are very less. Having a command over hygiene is a difficult task and depends a lot on personal cleanliness. If one person in a house has good cleanliness habits, then he can teach the rest of the family members about the same and maintain proper hygiene in the house. Now, personal cleanliness is not only related to using the best soaps or wearing properly washed clothes. It is much more than that. Also, the definition of personal cleanliness can vary among people. Imagine, a mother tells her kid to wash his hands and face before eating anything. Now the kid might think that merely rubbing his hands under the tap water would clean them up. But that is not true, and hence the mother would ask the child to make use of soap and properly clean the hands. The example I just said tells us that one would take so much care of maintaining cleanliness because it has many benefits. Firstly, a person with clean habits will always stay fit and fine. The environment we live in is so polluted that everywhere there are germs, dirt and bacteria which can cause infections. Practicing clean habits will not only help in preventing infections to you but also to those around you. And following cleanliness is much easier and cost effective option than to suffer from a disease and spend lot of dollars for the treatment. It is evident that cleanliness standards are not the same everywhere. And therefore everyone should practice personal cleanliness depending upon their age, geographic location and habits. Remember, that cleanliness is not merely a pleasant outward appearance. It is a state of a personal mind that involves his habits, values, morals and beliefs. Therefore it is important for everyone to follow proper hygienic habits in the lifestyle to keep themselves as well as others healthy and happy. Still, some feel that cleanliness is a personal matter and should be of no concern to anyone else. Who am I to say otherwise? The importance of cleanliness cannot be overemphasized when it comes to our food—whether we buy it at a market, eat it at a restaurant, or have a meal at a friend's home. A...
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