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HydroponicSNAP Hydroponics: Farming in the City and the Slums Written by jon Wednesday, 04 July 2012 16:03 - Last Updated Friday, 06 July 2012 14:50

Food is a basic human need that can be addressed by modern agriculture provided that there is adequate space and appropriate skills to raise them.  Increasing demands brought by population growth have prompted agriculturists to explore alternative ways of raising crops and live stocks.  One of these methods is producing vegetables through the Simple Nutrient Addition Program (SNAP) Hydroponics.  SNAP Hydroponics is basically growing plants without soil.  Instead, it uses an inert media and a nutrient solution containing essential elements needed by plants to grow. This technology was designed to create a reliable and low cost system suitable for urban farming and small backyard vegetable growing.


Agricultural scientists from the Institute of Plant Breeding (IPB) of UP Los Baños found out that this type of farming can benefit urban communities and developed on it.  Aside from taking up minimal space, SNAP Hydroponics can be done using cheap supplies and materials that can be recovered from recyclable materials.  Its low technology inputs make hydroponics an interesting and practical way of growing selected crops.  It is appropriate for the urban setting as a backyard garden production for family consumption or as a livelihood enterprise.


The DOST-NCR saw the huge potential of the technology in the National Capital Region and is


SNAP Hydroponics: Farming in the City and the Slums
Written by jon Wednesday, 04 July 2012 16:03 - Last Updated Friday, 06 July 2012 14:50

currently actively promoting its adoption through the conduct of lecture-seminars cum demonstrations and the provision of complimentary SNAP Hydroponics Kits to community-based livelihood enterprises.  These kits are made up of used styrofoam boxes (from fresh grapes trading), used styrofoam cups, coconut coir dust as...
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