Hybrid Solar Lighting

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Micro generation of green energy

Ever-increasing green-house gas emission into the atmosphere is major cause leading to global warming and its related catastrophic climate changes which, in turn, is threatening the very existence of human race. This has led to many global summits but no serious commitment by global leaders Energy production contributes much towards carbon emission. Renewable energy or green energies are not only perennial but less polluting due to low or nil carbon emission.

Rationale behind construction
Mega power production of electricity is unable to fulfill the energy requirement due to exponential industrial growth, population growth and high-living standards. This has led to the concept of micro-power generation where individuals or small communities generate zero or low carbon electrical power to meet their own needs thereby reducing the burden on the state. Scientific principle involved

1.Lighting system that transmits sunlight directly into building 2.Reflect sunlight with a help of mirrored dish
3.Focus the sunlight to an optical fiber bundle which transmits light along its axis by total internal reflection 4.Optical fibers carry the light to indoor light fixtures.

Materials required for construction

1.Four feet wide mirrored dish
2.Collectors to focus sunlight
3.Optical fiber bundle
4.Hybrid light fixtures which has specified diffusing roads to spread out the light

Construction and working

A roof top collector is mounted on the roof top which consists of a four feet wide mirrored dish. It follows the position of the sun through the day either by clock oriented timing or by GPS.

The sunlight thus collected is focused to the optical fiber bundle. The optical fiber bundle, in turn, carries the light to hybrid light fixtures which are equipped with specified diffusing rods to spread out light in all directions.


1.Transmits sunlight directly into buildings
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