Hybrid Health Record

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A hybrid health record is a record that contains patient health information and is made up of physical paper documentation as well as electronic documentation. The patient information/documentation can vary within the record as a whole and access to particular information requires different paths. Manual and electronic processes are utilized to input and maintain patient health information in a hybrid health record. Hybrid health records are utilized in the transitioning process to go from paper to fully electronic.

These hybrid records can present a number of concerns for the health care professionals. The upkeep and accurateness of data input into the records can be a big issue if paper and electronic versions are not consistently updated to reflect one another. Quality of patient care then becomes an issue which could result in health care professionals delivering care with incorrect patient information. With the aim to go completely paperless the electronic version of the record should contain the most up to date information. Healthcare professionals and staff need to work diligently to maintain a hybrid health records’ integrity. Another concern is security because patient information is located in more than one place and has multiple access platforms. Security for hybrid health records involves more than just physical security all the digital information must be protected and any access given limited. Patient access to their health record in its entirety could present issues if record tracking and upkeep isn’t maintained on both electronic and manual platforms. As well as forms in which patients will be given access to their record. Patient could receive all information electronically, paper, or a combination of both. “… information available to the patient electronically may be a subset of the patient’s designated record set. In such cases, the EHR should indicate where the primary or complete information resides and how it can be accessed” ("Managing...
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