Hybrid Electric Vehicle and Biological Cotton

Topics: Hybrid electric vehicle, Life, Water Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Firstly, let’s ask ourselves a few questions. How is my life now? Am I used to the air pollution or the unhealthy food? Only if you feel a little unsatisfied with your life quality, you may benefit from my today’s topic: LOHAS. It is very popular in the west. Now, one of four Americans has joined it and one third of Europeans have done so. You may still feel confused but don’t worry. Today, I will tell you what LOHAS is and its main characters in human’s basic necessities of life.

First, let’s see the definition of LOHAS. It is a lifestyle coming from the United States. It means living in a healthy and sustainable way. To be more specific, it represents caring about family’s health and ecological environment when doing shopping. Its concept is “healthy, happy, environmental, and sustainable”.

Now that you know the definition of LOHAS, let’s look at its main features in clothing, food, housing and transportation. First, in the area of clothing, LOHAS encourages people to wear natural fabrics. I’ll take Biological Cotton as an example. When planting Biological Cotton without chemical fertilizer, it reduces 70% of water consumption and 50% of cost compared to common cotton. According to the above statistics, Biological Cotton consumes much less cost and environmental resources than other fabrics. You may think although it’s healthy, it may be old-fashioned. But the fact is not like that. Many fashion brands take use of Biological Cotton, like H&M and Levi’s.

Second, in the area of eating, LOHAS encourages organic food. In the production of organic food, people don’t use chemical fertilizer or pesticides to guarantee the rich nutrition, good quality and high safety. In the UK, Prince Charles founded “Duchy Originals”, a brand of organic food. “Duchy Originals” covers a large range of food, for example meat, diary and chocolate.

Third, in the area of housing, LOHAS encourages the way of low-energy...
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